Tuesday, December 9, 2014

An Architectural Archive--Blackpool, Cork

In October I mentioned an archival drawing assignment for my architectural conservation module (post found here). After four more wandering sessions and 233 photographs later, I chose a small structure to draw that incorporated all of my favorite Irish architectural features--red brick, a colorful door, two decorative, well-used chimneys. Having not drawn a structure to this degree of accuracy, I struggled in the beginning, especially with using a metric scale (which should have been the easiest part for me!). I measured brick sizes on various buildings and used proportions of dimensions of materials to dimensions measured from my photographs imported to autocad. After many hours, cups of coffee, and spilled watercolors, I had recreated the building. My drawing is now a part of an architectural archive of student drawings of the Blackpool neighborhood of Cork. I have successfully left a part of me in Ireland!

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