Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Living Walls--Paris, Lawrence

I am thrilled with the small connections I come across which connect my travels and home. The most recent connection is through living walls incorporated into architecture. I remember seeing large-scale living wall projects in Paris--both indoor and outdoor--encasing the exterior of a museum in a neighborhood near the Eiffel Tower and in Charles de Gaulle airport. The presence of these green spaces was surprising and delightful in a busy city setting--a breath of nature. Upon my return to my home campus, a green wall awaited me in the recently completed addition to the School of Architecture, Design, and Planning. The lecture hall, designed  and constructed by sustainable-minded Studio 804, incorporates many sustainable technologies into the design, including the prominent fern-planted wall spanning the back of the lecture hall. The presence is equally surprising (and delightful!) to observe in a classroom setting, and I look forward to where I'll spot the next living wall.

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