Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Seen At Last--Kimble Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas

During my first architectural studio, I was assigned to research Louis Kahn's Kimble Art Museum. Through my research, I became fascinated with Kahn's use of material, lighting, and attention to detail in all of his projects, and his work has been a source of inspiration for many of my designs. Three years later, I finally was able to visit the museum and architectural marvel for myself. Seeing the pictures of the building was one thing, but experiencing the playful illumination of the galleries for one's self is another! As others around me analyzed the paintings, my eyes were to the ceiling--the true artwork. The ceiling seemed to glow and beautifully diffused into the space below, creating a light atmosphere which contrasted the heavy sandstone and concrete material. What thought Kahn put into his designs! Even details such as the handrail (perfectly formed swirls) were of note. 

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