Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Cemetery in the Fall--Pere' Lachaise, Paris

What once was out of the confines of Paris, has since been engulfed by the surrounding city. Yet despite this fact, the grounds seem to stay calm within the chaos and bustle of the city. The old cemetery, Pere' Lachaise, was much as I remember ten years ago--moss covered surfaces, darkened limestone from decades of weather, and ornate wrought iron details. Cobblestone pathways connect the different named rues, leading visitors through the grounds, but also defining the address where the deceased now permanently reside. As I viewed the scenery for a second time in my life, it was no longer a spooky experience, rather peaceful. The tombs seemed to radiate in the sun as a celebration of life rather than loom in darkness. The fall weather complemented the stroll as leaves rained down in a scattering of orange, my feet crunching them on the cobble stone as I continued on. 

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