Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Means of Modern City Transport--Dublin, London, etc.

As I walk city streets, brave bicyclists whiz by, weaving in and out of stopped traffic. Much like america where New York city has 'Citi Bikes,' Denver has 'Bcycle,' and DC has 'Capitol Bikeshare,' European cities have their own versions of bike share. Morning commuters in Dublin are a sea of neon--cyclists don bright construction vest-esque windbreakers and helmets, taking every preventative measure to be seen by vehicle traffic. In London, tourists cycle through Hyde Park or down the Mall, trying to catch a glimpse of the Royal family. With docking stations around every corner, it seems as though the Europeans have eco means of transportation in mind--or rather, a more sustainable user-base than in the states. 

London, England
Dublin, Ireland

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