Monday, October 27, 2014

A Day Trip to the Coast--Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

The beauty of nature is not easily accessible. In fact, in order to see it, one must take a train, hop on a bus, and walk along a narrow country road until they reach the coast. However, the view of the naturally volcanic formed Giant's Causeway is well worth the trek. Octagonal pillars jut up from the earth forming pyramids of stone and create calm pools of ocean water amongst the crashing waves. Of course, no journey in Ireland is without a little rain, and this day was no exception. As we arrived, many visitors were leaving because of a rain shower, but having already made a three hour journey, we proceeded. No matter which direction we hiked, the rain blew into us and the drops pelted our flushed faces. When we reached the cliff edges, we had to brace ourselves in order to look over the edge, but once we steadied ourselves, we were offered a panoramic view of Northern Ireland's countryside and ocean front. Oh what a view! Some even say you can see Scotland on the horizon on a clear blue day.

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