Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Night in a Container House--Amsterdam, Netherlands

Colorful container house villages pop up around the city of Amsterdam. They're a relatively cheap way to accommodate a growing demand for cheap(er) housing in an increasingly expensive city to live in. On my last night in Amsterdam, I got the rare opportunity to sleep in a local's very own container house! The flat, which is only a few meters wide, is outfitted with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room; there's central heating, plumbing, and the containers are connected, stacked up to 4 containers high, by a type of flexible tar. Despite the small square footage, the space can be quite spacious, as long as one doesn't own much. It's not a luxurious dig by any means, but could be quite cozy with some tasteful, complementing design. After my initial awe and feeling all of the finishes of the curious flat, it started to feel more and more like any other accommodation--living in a container might not be that bad.

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