Friday, September 5, 2014

A Campus to impress--University College Cork, Ireland

University is a twenty minute walk from my flat. I take a tree-lined trail that mimics the river and lets out near the gates of the university. As I pass over the threshold into campus, I wind up a hill, pass the contemporary art museum, and up a set of tall stairs. When I summit my climb, I am met by a mix of modern and traditional grey stone buildings, some of which ivy is crawling up the aged walls. Students lounge on the lawns, whiz by on bikes, and I catch sound bites of ten different accents as I cross the quad toward Boole Library. This time of year campus is blooming with faint-pink flowers, the grass if vibrant, and the foliage lush. Even if the sky and structures may be grey, the grounds of UCC are lively. 

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