Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Night of Culture--Cork City, Ireland

Over 100 venues opened their doors for city dwellers to explore the arts during Cork's annual Culture Night. With free admission to museums, access to artist's private galleries, traditional music sessions at local pubs, film screenings, etc, there was a world of choice--too many events and not enough time. The continuous heavy drizzle did not seem to deter event-goers as they roamed the city, culture guide in hand, searching for the venues denoted by the green, red, yellow and blue balloons. I started my night at St. Peter's Church where an architectural model of Cork City, spanning the whole length of the church, was displayed. The upper gallery of St. Peter's had a display of 1950 Cork City photographs. One photograph in particular caught my eye; it was a shot taken from Bachelor's Quay, appearing as if it were taken from the exact angle of my balcony. I next crossed the river to York Street, leaving city center, and met up with some friends at Mother Jones Flea Market where local musicians, poets and storytellers were performing throughout the night. Surrounded by an eclectic ambiance made up of crochet kitten artwork, beaded flapper dresses, and porcelain tea kettles, we listened to one local musician before ducking out into the rain yet again to grab a pint. Five blocks over and drenched at The Corner House Pub, we stayed into the night listening to traditional tunes or Ireland. 

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