Friday, September 5, 2014

A Flat in the City--Cork, Ireland

I live in a five story flat on Bachelors Quay--the penthouse. From my balcony, we overlook the river which spans the city and from my bedroom, I view a quaint low-rise urban center of colorful shops and houses with cathedrals rising in between. The flat is considerably large for three people--two Americans and a French girl. My bedroom, which I share, is spacious and simplistically outfitted with a wardrobe, two desks, and two beds. The furnishings are reminiscent of 'college dorm' style, but the lack in fashion of the furniture is compensated by the charm of the flat itself. My favorite feature is the operable skylight above my bed. The ceilings are positioned at a slant mirroring the roof line and because of this, I am able to rise through the window and see a panorama of the city.  

View from balcony--across the river

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