Sunday, September 21, 2014

To Dance like a Local--Devere Hall, University College Cork

When in Ireland, one must learn the dance of the Irish. As a part of Freshers' week, the week of orientation and of being bombarded by students trying to get you to join their club or society, an introduction to set dancing course was offered in the amphitheater outside of the student center. For two hours we stepped on our partner's toes and clumsily bumped into other couples when we made the wrong footing. This short intro to the genre of Irish dance peaked my interest enough that the following week, I tested out a step dancing course offered by the university as a 2.5 credit module through the Music School. I was surprised at the resemblance to American tap dancing, something I was never particularly talented at. Never the less, it was a fun experience that I can practice at the pubs. For now, however, I think I will stick with ballet. 

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